Migraine Headaches

Resolve your migraines with 100% natural therapies. Reduce or eliminate pain, aura and nausea WITHOUT painkillers, botox or IV drugs.

Chinese Medicine offers effective treatment for all types of migraine including:

  • Severe Recurrent Migraines

  • Cluster Headaches

  • Ocular Migraines

  • Visual Migraines

  • Intractable Headache

  • Migraines with Nausea/ Vomiting

  • Daily Migraines

  • Treatment Resistant Migraines

  • Chronic Tension Headache

  • Migraines with Aura

Why Is Acupuncture So Popular For Migraines?

Here are just a few reasons…

We address the Root Cause of your migraines. During your intake we’ll look at your whole body health. This allows me to find and address the root cause of your migraines. This is why acupuncture and herbal medicine are so effective for migraines even when other therapies aren’t. Even patients with a long family history of migraines have experienced significant relief.

It’s incredibly safe. Acupuncture is proven to be one of the safest therapies on Earth, used by millions of people the world over on a daily basis. Sterile, single-use, disposable needles. No bleeding or pain.

It’s powerful and relaxing. Acupuncture harnesses the most powerful healing tool you have- you. Acupuncture is incredibly relaxing often people fall asleep on the table.

How acupuncture works for migraines.

Calms and balances your neuroendocrine axis. When your nervous system is calm, your hormonal system, immune system, digestive, and circulatory systems all calm down, too. This means more hormonal balance, less inflammation, better circulation and nutrient absorption.

Opens And Regulates Microcirculation. When we use acupuncture to bring more blood flow to the glands and tissues that need the most support, those tissues naturally work better. This means key tissues like thyroid, liver, adrenals, brain, and others are able to function at peak levels.

Promotes Tissue Healing. When you use acupuncture to stimulate your body’s healing process, it gets right to work repairing and restoring all cells and tissues. Acupuncture harnesses the vast healing intelligence your body contains to help you heal faster.

Helps Your Body Sustain Optimal Function. When you apply acupuncture as a weekly therapy for several weeks, your body naturally and gently begins to undergo positive changes. This is different from drugs and surgery which represent drastic, sudden change your body may not be able to sustain. The changes induced by acupuncture are literally like new pathways your body won’t soon forget.


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